AI100 workshop on Prediction in Practice
Dates: June 20-21, 2019
Location: Cornell Tech, Bloomberg Center

The AI100 workshop on Prediction in Practice will be held on June 20-21, 2019 at Cornell Tech’s campus in New York City. This event is invite-only and co-hosted by Cornell University’s Artificial Intelligence, Policy, and Practice initiative, the Digital Life Initiative at Cornell Tech, Upturn, and the Stanford-based AI100 initiative. Below you will find some notes on goals, format, logistics, and a link to pre-workshop readings.

Goals: At the workshop, we aim to build shared understanding of the challenges that have recurred across different real-world experiences of high-stakes predictive systems in the public sector. We will use four case studies as anchors for discussion: pretrial risk assessments in criminal justice; screening algorithms used in child protection; an algorithm that proposed new school start times in Boston; and an algorithm that predicts high-risk infections in the Duke University Hospital. Practitioners who work with each of these systems—as well as scholars from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives—will be joining us for the event. The current roster of participants is included below.

Format: We’ll begin on Thursday with four participant-led tutorials surveying the state of knowledge about prediction in practice. We’ll consider disciplinary perspectives from computer science, psychology, organizational sociology, and law and policy. In the balance of the workshop, we’ll explore the four case studies in turn. As we go, and in a concluding portion at the end, we will brainstorm together about what lessons or insights from each of the cases might prove instructive for other domains.

Logistics: The workshop will take place at the Bloomberg Center, part of the Cornell Tech campus on Roosevelt Island. We will start at 9:00 am on Thursday, June 20, adjourning at 5:00 pm that afternoon, and then will gather for dinner 6:30 pm Thursday evening at Amali. The restaurant can be reached by a short ride on the aerial tram from Roosevelt Island. On Friday, we will reconvene at 9:00 am and conclude the day at 2:00 pm. We ask that you plan to attend the entire workshop.

If you have secured workshop-provided lodging, you will be staying at the Bentley Hotel in Manhattan near the tram. If you have any outstanding questions or concerns about lodging, childcare, or travel, please contact Maria Mendoza (

Case Study Readings: Follow this link for a list of pre-workshop readings.